1. As of Wiki to encyclopedia-based knowledge aggregation, similar open platform can be developed for strategy information aggregation.

2. This will make strategy talks from all levels more tangible, structured and transparent.

3.  The goal is to reduce strategic information into simple logical statements that can be aggregate without excessive complexity.

4. Possible approach is to create a new method incorporating concept mapping (CMAP) that is convertible into various game representations.

5. The process must be participatory through-out.

6. The platform must have built-in analytical capacity.


A. Conceptual map tools http://cmap.ihmc.us/

B. Gambit Analytical & Visualizing Tools for Game Theory http://gambit.sourceforge.net/shots.html

C. Social Network Analysis Analytical and Visualization Tool


1. Thai polarized political game.

2. Southern violence in Thailand.

3. Complex management problems.

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