APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15 Feb 09SEACEM, ChangeFusion and Freevoice are proud to accept applications for “ASEAN E-Media Startups Competition” with the goal of identifying talented e-media startups in ASEAN that innovatively bring independent news & views with financial sustainability in order to significantly enhance freedom of expression, openness and political & economic liberty in the region. The finalists will be invited to the capacity building workshop to sharpen their business plans, the output of the workshop will be rated and the winners will receive incubation supports as well as USD 10,000 equity-like loan for seed/startup fund per venture.

Who’s eligible

● Internet-based independent media startups in ASEAN focusing with mininum 6 months of existence.
● Demonstrating measurable and scalable social social impact.
● Example; News site, bloggers network, video podcasting and other innovative models using new media tools such as twitter and feeds.

Key Selection Criteria

● Innovativeness
● Social impact
● Financial sustainability
● Scalability
● Ethics
Please submit your short online application form no later than 15 Feb 2009  by clicking here   , successful applications will be asked to submit more information at the later stage.


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