ChangeFusion could not create future-shifting solutions by ourselves. We will never be able to acquire the necessary vast amount of knowledge, technologies and resources.

Instead, we focus on attracting and building relationships required to bring the right players together in such a way that they co-create social innovations that will shift the future in various crucial areas. It is the cultivated relationship that unlock the flow of appropriate knowledge, technologies and resources into the challenges at hand.

This means that we redirect our attention from ‘creating things’ into ‘building relationships’ or, in essence, from the management of ‘objects and resources’ into the facilitation of fertile ‘empty space’ where trust and partnerships emerge.  Within this emptiness, lies great potentiality.

ChangeFusion views the network of relationships as the living fabric of time that vigorously unites past, present and future. Relationship is the subtle layer within the socio-economic evolution whether in the global or organizational scale, we must sense its nodes, incentives, connections and interactions as well as its hidden rules or norms in order to effectively design the its changes.

Turning our attention from ‘things’ to ‘relationship’ is by no mean compromising the concreteness of results, in fact, we can measure precisely the advancement of relationship building and the continuous progress of the emerging partnerships.

Weaving this living fabric mindfully and providing it with conducive space is nothing less than creating a conscious future.

\this is a part of my writing on ChangeFusion methodology.

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