We all have dreams, most are bounded by greed, hatred and delusion. Yet those rare dream to advance sustainable human well-being are truly precious for our common future.

In this way, ChangeFusion’s purpose is to bridge the gap between such meaningful dreams and emerging reality. We do this by facilitating a regenerative space where compassion, capacity and market intersect.

A regenerative space is where the right people and organizations are being attracted, cultivated and partnered in realizing their mutual dreams to bring about new desirable reality through the use of new technologies, novel perspectives and the creative utilization of resources in addressing social and environmental challenges. We called this outcome ‘social innovation’. Such purposeful novelty can be social technologies, innovation projects as well as social enterprises.

ChangeFusion could not create such future-shifting solutions by ourselves. We will never be able to acquire the necessary vast amount of knowledge, technologies and resources. Instead, we focuses on attracting and building relationship that brings the right players together in such a way that they co-create social innovations that will alter the future in various crucial areas. It is the cultivated relationship that unlock the flow of appropriate knowledge, technologies and resources into the challenges at hand.

This means that we redirect our attention from creating things, products or projects into building relationship or, primarily, from the management of objects and resources into the facilitation of regenerative ‘empty space’ where trust, synergy and partnership emerge while self-importance and arrogance are discarded.

Within this emptiness, there lies a bridge to infinite possibility.

Emptiness is neither sheer nothingness nor energy-less. In fact, it is precisely the empty vessel that holds various elements from the relationship together, providing them with necessary space, energy flow and foster their creative synthesis.

The essence of our character is humility.

Only through humility; i.e. the genuine appreciation of our limitation, can we sincerely respect the values and uniqueness of all people, relationship and elements involved in the design of the solution. This humble attitude helps us, with our best attempt, to directly see reality as it is, free from attachment to the lens of any intellectual discipline, perspective or interest. To see first and know later.

It is impossible to rapidly gain insights and facilitate partnership without a deep sense of respect. The absence of such swift acquisition of insights and mutual will to collaborate will disrupt the spontaneous flow of emerging novel solutions. Therefore, by way of humility, respect and suspended intellectualization; our core-competence lies in the ability to be an empty vessel for co-creation.

ChangeFusion views the networks of relationship as the living fabric of time that vigorously unites past, present and future. Relationship is the subtle layer within the socio-economic evolution both at the global or organizational scale. We must sense its nodes, incentives, connections, interactions, changing environment as well as its hidden rules and assumptions in order to effectively co-design its changes with impact, sustainability and scalability.

Turning our attention from ‘things’ to ‘relationship’ is by no mean compromising the concreteness of results, on the contrary, we can measure precisely the advancement of relationship building and the performance of the emerging partnership.

Weaving this living fabric of time mindfully is nothing less than constructing our common future consciously.

The story of ChangeFusion and our future will simply always be about attracting, cultivating and partnering those with compassionate aspirations to create a better future.

And we are but the floating bridge of dreams.

Sunit Shrestha, founder,
November, 2009.

32 thoughts on “ The floating bridge of dreams ”

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