Another year has come to pass, it’s now for a brief reflection. I would like ChangeFusioneers to spend perhaps an hour to go over these questions. If your answers between different questions are interrelated, feel free to combine them in what ever way you feel comfortable.

1. What were your goals in 2009, both personal and organizational, did you achieve them?

2. What’s holding you back from realizing your goals ?

3. What were your happiest and saddest work-related moments in 2009 ? Why ?

4. What were your biggest success and failure in 2009 ? What have you learn ?

5. What are your goals in 2010 ? (both organizational and personal)

6. How can ChangeFusion help you in realizing them ?

7. What do you want to learn the most in 2010, what capacity do you want to develop ?

8. What are three most important things you want to see change in ChangeFusion so that we can grow sustainably ?

9. Any other things you want to say ? (if not, it’s fine).

35 thoughts on “ Questions for ChangeFusioneers ”

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