This morning I went to see the fiscal policy office to follow up on K Korn’s discussion past week to have a working group with in Ministry of finance to help us developing fiscal policy to promote social enterprise.

It went very well, finding people who are very forward thinking in innovative policy for the public. We are prioritizing measures to be develop for proposing to the economic cabinet. Will probably first focus on private social investment stimulation and fostering systems for community development financial institutions. It’s really interesting to be working dr Narith’s team since he was at my faculty in thammasat.

In the afternoon I went to the ministry of public health to discuss on disability network and social enterprise development. We are now looking into opportunities in handicap equipments and capacity development for products & services by the disability networks in the north and north east , the future seems quite bright. One big idea is to create a marketing arm similar to Doi Tung for disabled-produced goods & services. Policy for web standard for disabled persons is also discussed, they also want ict support for the network.

Getting excited for ideas Thailand festival for tomorrow!!

32 thoughts on “ MOF & Disability network ”

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