Last week I was joining a 2nd round-table discussion on Corruption with reps from IOD, TDRI, National Anit-Corruption Commission, Thai Health Promotion Foundation and many more from private sector as well as civil society sector. Many many many issues are discussed. They all are running various programmes to combat corruption, now they’re interested in partnering each other to increase the impact through their network effects.

Basic areas of partnership are..
1. Gov.’s open data & regulations reform.
2. Private sector and Civil Society Engagement. (from Private Sector’s collective action groups to support for corruption-monitoring groups)
3. Public communications & media partnership
4. Structural reform package development (anything from reforming NACC to Political Party Financing).

Will try to forge partnership on this through BangkokBizNews & linking back to the government through the PM Office’s Center for Social Innovation and Partnership.

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