Last Saturday, the PM asked to meet 20 finalists of the Ideas for Thailand project (

The finalists were proposing their ideas directly to the PM and he was giving them some feedback and commitment to try to transform some to public policy as well as linking few idea projects to the CSR networks. The process was aired on NBT channel for the broad public so they can go to vote at the website or sending post or voting through community radio network.

This seems to be among the world’s first policy crowdsourcing experiments linking people directly to the PM. To conclude, they were over 3200 ideas submitted, screened to 50 for ideas exhibition, 20 selected by judges to be voted by the public in arriving at 5 final ideas for policy/project implementation in collaboration between the government, civil society and the private sector.

The PM seems to be enjoy the process very much and noting that this experiment is great in term of setting an example how normal people can really think about what they want and then engage through the innovative public policy process. He hopes this would inspire millions more to see the great reform opportunity.

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