Last week I’ve attended our Thai Rural Reconstruction Movement Foundation (TRRM) board meeting (which ChangeFusion is under). We’ve many passionate senior-level board members from M.R. Pridiyathorn, K. Ennu, Archarn Patamawadee, Archarn Nipon and many more. Among various issues discussed, there might be now a clear possible solution for TRRM’s position in Thai sustainable development.

Key issues that they are already working on, that might bring TRRM to engage more, are..

  • Scale-up weather index insurance to support the gov’s agricultural price insurance programme
  • Transforming government’s banks into development banks in providing broad access to medium to long-term credit with capacity support focusing in community business / SME / SE development.
  • National Farmers’ DB and inter-linkage with various applications
  • Community-Finance systemic development
  • Tree Bank programme, transforming trees/community forest into assets-building programme & linking with CSR

In addressing these issues systematically and proactively, some sort of economic equality forum in honor of Dr Puey might be setup.

5 thoughts on “ TRRM, Weather index insurance, tree bank and community finance ”

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