Since ChangeFusion is revamping its strategy, operations and work process. I’m looking into revamping the website (again). I’m now thinking about whether or not to use a concept of Stock or Flow in designing the new website. Our current one is of a Stock concept, i.e. showcasing our works one by one with structure. Like stocks of projects / org info that is displayed structurally. Example is the Frog Design’s site

Frog Design’s corporate site. Showing key feature elements and structural concept with elegant beauty.

And then there is a more Flow-based design, i.e. display organisational website as a story that is continuous. An organisational site as a story telling activity. This approach is a bit like photo journalism mixing with corporate website. Interesting example is from the Helsinki Design Lab


Helsinki Design Lab’s site, weekly unfolding of the organisational story that creates a new personal relationship feeling with the audience.

So basically the website is focusing on unfolding the life story of the organisation through time, showing updates and interesting new things. The site is focusing on the Blog part of the site, while other more structural elements are there on top navigation that actually stick on top of the page while the blog can be scroll downward.

Of course, the first Stock style is a more elegant, formal and structured design with emphasis on clear elements of the organisation. While the second Flow style emphasises more on unfolding stories of the organisation but it can be perceived as the lack of professionalism. So it really depends on the objective of the site, do you really want the audience to come in and see what is always there for the organisation with features new contents. Or you want them to follow your organisation in the same way they are following someone’s blog / timeline that is interesting.

I’m now seriously considering the second approach. Let’s see what will be happening to our site in the future. The problem with the traditional stock site is that it is somewhat dead, even with a bit update here and there.

I am more interested in building a humanly character for ChangeFusion and make every exciting moments count in the mind of our staff and our site’s audience.

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