Concluding note for the Korean trip (sequence based on meeting dates):

1. There are those interested in Mondragon & Team academy in Korea, let’s try to organize “Asian Invasion trip” to Team Academy in Finland & Spain in early 2013 with few innovators from each Asian country.
2. Helping Hope Institute for ANIS2013
3. Assisting special KOH TAO diving SE & northern Thailand trip for korean social innovator.

4. Finding ICT-empowered young social entrepreneurs for BC Korea.
5. Detailing partnership arrangement with Jihye on Asia clustering in Thailand and Nepal. Also looking for European market for an SE products!
6. Reconnecting SEEDS with SENA
7. Follow up on Andong content for PlayPlanet
8. Prepare NZ thingy in 2013
– Seoul City Youth Social Innovation Program, really cool.
– SEEDS has clear interest to go ASIA!!
– Korea will enact the new version of “Cooperative Law’ in 2013 and make cooperative a simple, cool & scalable things again!

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