For those wanting to know the situation of social enterprise movement in Vietnam, CSIP (Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion) is at the forefront of that. CSIP is the first group that provides proper seed/startup support for SEs in Vietnam since 3 years ago. Now after visiting their new office, I can feel lots of energy going on at this almost all women team! (with Kieu Oanh Pham as the leader)

They had supported over 30 social enterprises across the whole country and few of them are now entering the growth phase. Because of this, they are thinking about engaging in impact investment in the near future (so far, their model is like Venture Philanthropy). Beyond local engagement, CSIP engages many international players such as the British Council, LGT Venture Philanthropy (from Switzerland) and Cross-fields (from Japan) in enlarging opportunities for their portfolio companies in both placing investment as well as high-capacity international volunteers into SEs. CSIP also works in advocacy with the government and private sector into to grow the social enterprise sector in Vietnam.

CSIP is also a founding partner of the Social Enterprise Network Asia (SENA)  that consists of mostly social enterprise support organizations in East & Southeast Asia. So anyone want to partner up with Vietnamese social enterprises or do something related to SEs in Vietnam, call them up!

p.s. I think they have the best social entrepreneurship related library in Vietnam, so try check them out if you are in Hanoi!

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