Every time I am in Seoul, I always visited “Room to Roam”. It’s a small shop on the way to my favourite tea house on the mountain behind the big palace. The shop gives very cozy, artistic and contemporary feelings once you get inside.

Room to Roam asks artists to bring their prototypes or submit them online. If selected, Room to Roam will develop the products collaboratively and sell it at their shop. It’s quite simple co-creation process. I could see that the artists are not only Koreans but also coming from many other countries! It is truly useful for new artists/creative persons launching new products.

I really like many stuff in there and had bought several items over the years. I hope that they expand their model around the world or at least there are some replications in my home country, Thailand. The shop is at 35-231 Samcheong-Dong, Jongro-Gu, Seoul, Korea

The websites of Room to Roam are..



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