Few weeks ago in HK, I met D. Wayne Silby , the founder of Calvert, a 15 billion USD investment management group focusing on socially responsible investment and impact investment. As we walked up the HongKong’s “Peak”, he told me how he got really inspired by the buddhist concept of right livelihood of which triggered his founding of Calvert. He gave me an article he published about his thought on social investment and the right livelihood. (link to his article)

I told him about the Asian sustainable agriculture financing works we are engaging with Oxfam, he told me that he was involved in the early days of Root Capital, a famous sustainable agriculture loan fund, and that there are so many opportunities to do similar things in Asia!

I was really inspired. Really hope to bring him to Thailand to inspire and jump start Thai SRI investors communities as well as looking forward to learn from Calvert and Wayne’s experiences in growing impact-focused investment facilities in Asia!


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