The social entrepreneurship world is changing and intertwining really fast. This morning I was in a conference call between Singapore, Philippines, Thailand on preparing for the coming venture philanthropy event of AVPN.

Then Facebook messaging with a Japanese social venture capitalist over payment gateway problem for a young Korean social entrepreneurs trying to create Asia platform for sustainable tourism.

Then went to pick up an Indian visa for the coming social enterprise / impact investment conference in India.

Afterwards, joined a dinner with a young thai philanthropist network’s founder who is bringing Nexus, a global innovative philanthropy education event to Thailand (via an American friend working in HongKong).

Finally Skype with Team Academy at Mondragon U in Spain with CF Europe about their plan to bring innovative entrepreneurial education to Asia (the students both at undergrad and graduate levels learn and being graded by the learning and performance of companies they setup during study period, no coursework!) , learning about their partnership trip to China and India as well as potential partnership in Southeast and East Asia.

Around the world in one day, hopefully resulting in some sort of impact soon -_-~~

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