Drafting Taejai.com’s 2014 strategic plan slides on paper


Discuss with Thammasat University’s Social Innovation Lab team on “Helmet redesign to reduce children-related accidents project” in partnership with Safe the Children. Thailand is #2 in death by motor-bike accidents and innovative approach is needed. Research-based insights why people aren’t wearing helmet are:
{traveling close by, small road don’t need helmet, not cool, dirty & uncomfortable, mess up the hair}
so we are planning an helmet reinvention design process using Human-centered Design Approach, this is partly because all three lab members are graduated from Stanford with some link to D.School. Henri de Reboul, our CSR expert, is leading the project as a part to setup a CSR innovation social enterprise focusing on linking corporate CSR with strategic community / NGO / SE partners.


Sayaka Watanabe, a Japanese social entrepreneurs working on beauty products & services & Akiko Terai, a journalist & author working on social entrepreneurship issues, came to discuss about Mekong sub-region Women Social Entrepreneurship Forum and learn more about social enterprise movement history in Thailand.


Nong Whan, a young social entrepreneur working on Foam foodware replacement by using organic & biodegradable material such as banana leaves, bamboo and Karbmark, came to ChangeFusion for her monthly mentoring and consultation session, Sayaka & Akiko also joined and brain-storm how to turn this into premium products, Jeab, our team lead on Taejai, suggested a Bento Set plate product concept that would bring out a better value perception. I help her strategise on how to partner up with the community producer group as well as how to first try to secure orders from premium level market.

Nong Warn & Sakaya


Our serial entrepreneur, Meepooh from Urbie, brought a co-working space “FOCUS GENERATOR” designed by his girl friend for semi product testing at ChangeFusion office. Many people try out!  It’s one of the most creative product ever for me, although we do need a unique culture to appreciate and use it.

Screen Shot 2556-12-20 at 8.14.55 PM


Talking to Ada, founder of Thai Young Philanthropist Network, on creating a unique & prestigious CHANGE FELLOWS that help ChangeFusion & our partners in supporting social enterprises with specific focus on business development and finance. Brain-stormed about bringing few global non-profits and firms on board.


Ryosuke & his team mate from VERY50 , a JAPAN-HAWAI social investment club consists of mostly young professionals, came to discuss about which social enterprise in Thailand might be the right match for their support next year. They do provide business analysis, marketing and financial support to their social enterprises across various developing countries. In Thailand, they already are supporting Kokoboard. Before going back, they pose in front of our office’s kamisama, the Totoro(s).

19:30 writing this blog.

Today seems to be a day of Asian young change leaders!