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(Don’t expect perfect English)

This 21st. Century version of Sleeping Beauty is different from the Brothers Grimm one, thus, a lot of good traditional & psychological meanings are distorted. However, I find it is interesting to analyse anyway. In this post I will analyse 2 main characters, Maleficent and Aurora,  try to figure out why the princess sleeps, What is the meaning of the spinning wheel, and why Maleficent is allergic to iron.

The story begins with the breaking apart between two worlds, human’s and fairy’s. (The magical forest, Moors) This could mean the split between intra psychic, the consciousness and the unconscious. The Greedy boy, Stefan had got good things inside but too stupid to see their value. He cut her wings of Freedom & took away her pride to trade with external material wealth & power. Greedy & selfish love usually ends up this way…

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