(Jakrapong , an Ashoka fellow working on Muser forest conservation and shade grown coffee for community likelihood. He was posing in front of the coffee tree in his village with coffee flower!)

Yesterday was interesting. I went to meet with Mun Ching from AirAsia Foundation , Thai AirAsia purchase team to work together on how to bring Muser coffee on board. It’s produced by a social enterprise that grow coffee within the forest to protect the forest by creating livelihood for hill tribe communities. The area involved in this activities protect their forest land much better than those areas without whereby corn fields entered forest areas in the north of Thailand.

People really like the coffee as it’s super fresh and aromatic, always no more than few weeks from the roasting. Lots of challenges to be addressed until the requirement for quality, packaging and organizing will be met. But through partnership, it should be possible. P Whan, from Mae Fah Luang Foundation was also there as she is the AirAsia foundation new trustee. There are so much that Muser group could learn from Doi Tung (a part of MFLF). 

If all goes well, it will showcase how corporations can work with social entrepreneurs to scale the impact 🙂

ChangeFusion & AirAsia foundation had been collaborating on Muser ForestCoffee  community enterprise for the last two years 

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