On his dying breath, a mermaid kisses 'n pulls him down, into the deep blue sea. //a scene from the Pirates 4

Big shadow

Millions people cursing, at big evil dark shadow, can't they see it's theirs? คนนับล้านแช่งด่า ไปที่เงาดำใหญ่ดุจปีศาจ แต่ไม่เห็นว่าคือเงาของตน

Purifying flood

A vision of great floods, unleashed from the dam above, commanded by the highest voices, purging all chaos with its primal force, cleansing humans, beasts and gods, this baptism of titans, submerging all into order, the cycles of creative destructions, justice's tyranny of choices, Utnapishtim, Noah, Buddha and all, forced few to evolve, though five... Continue Reading →


From Uruk to the world's end, fallen from mighty height to bottomless despair, in lost friendship and shattered pride, all but to humble.. a great Gilgamesh.

Petals fall

Flower petals fall slowly, like feelings drifting apart, how sudden do beating hearts, only live on in vivid memories?


The ground is breaking, all material withering away, shadowy spirits darkening, 'til we find our common soul.

Evils and the moon

Dark evils are all around, like eyes fixed at night's forest, and the shadow spreads fear, until the moon shines, whose shadow--whose light?

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